It was just another day for this fisherman, or so he thought.


Thanks to Hurricane Nicole in Bermuda, fishermen Matthew Jones and his colleague Tristan Loescher  reeled in a gigantic spiny lobster rather unexpectedly when they out fishing for snappers.


According to a HuffPost report, Jones said, “The lobster got caught on a mooring line, which was holding a nearby boat in place”, and that it “was caught totally by accident.” Loescher, in an report, said, "Never in my life have I seen anything this big," Loescher, who has been lobster diving for about 15 years. I think never in my life will I see one this big again."


The duo later released this giant they referred to as a “sea monster” back into the ocean, but not before capturing this rare discovery on a Go-Pro cam.

The chartered boat called Sanctuary Marine Bermuda uploaded these photos on video on their Facebook page: