I'm the victim of 'bucket' politics in the party, says Prajwal Revanna

First Published 12, Oct 2017, 10:33 AM IST
prajwal revanna bucket politics suitcase culture
  • Prajwal Revanna had claimed that 'suitcase' culture existed in the party inviting the wrath of party supremo
  • Prajwal Revanna was aspiring to contest from Hunsur constituency
  • However, the party has decided to field former Congress leader AH Vishwanath
  • Prajwal has been exposing the bickering in the party

Prajwal Revanna who had been keeping a low profile after his 'suitcase culture' remark created furore in the JD(S) - even inviting a wrath from  his grandfather and party supremo HD Deve Gowda - has broke his silence but with yet another controversy.

At a party programme in Nagarbhavi in Bengaluru recently, Prajwal Revanna claimed that he is the victim of 'bucket cutlure' in the party and this has hurt his image.

"Leaders who are indulging in 'bucket politics' know that they cannot continue with their 'tricks' if I grow in politics. Hence, they have conspired to push me out of the Hunsur constituency, to which I had given my sweat and time. I am the victim of 'bucket politics' in the party," Prajwal said, reports Kannada Prabha.

Prajwal who is the party's youth face has been emerging as the promising leader from Gowda family. However, his outbursts - often - have brought the bickerings in the party out in the open. In fact, this was not the first time that Prajwal Revanna had publicly spoke against the clashes in the party. A few months ago, Prajwal who was expecting to contest from Hunsur,  was upset that the party was allowing AH Vishwanath to contest from here. Vishwanath had recently joined the party from Congress. Upset Prajwal Revanna had claimed that 'suitcase' culture was in the party - that money determined everything in the party. He had indirectly made comments on the party leadership for the 'suitcase' culture and incidentally, his uncle HD Kumaraswamy is the party state president.  

His comments had drawn wide criticism in the party forcing party supremo and his grandfather Deve Gowda to step in and do damage-control. He had asked Prajwal Revanna to apologise for the damage he had caused in the party.

Since then, Prajwal had not seen in any party programmes and was keeping a low-profile. But he broke his silence with his controversial remark that 'bucket' culture exists in the party. 'Bucket' in Kannada is implied to sycophancy.

Seemingly emotional, Prajwal told the gathering that "a few leaders in the party are against my growth. They are worried that their 'bucket' culture would be at peril, If I come up in the party. They conspired to ensure that I lost the ticket from Hunsur constituency. They have brought disrepute to my image. This has pained me." He was referring to the furore that erupted after the 'suitcase' culture remark.

Prajwal who is now desperately seeking a place to contest said he was keen to contest from Rajarajeshwarinagar. "After Hunsur, this is the first time I am participating in the public function. People here have showered me with love and affection. This is the reason, why I agreed to come here," Prajwal said.

He further told the gathering that his grandfather Deve Gowda and uncle HD Kumaraswamy were the strong pillars of the party and without them, there was no future for him and to the party. "I'm not fool to go against them," he said.