A gang of five who were running a fake marks card racket have landed in police net after the CCB police raided them following a tip-off by a victim.

The gang – four men and a woman – was operating from Manipal Centre on MG Road in the city. They would provide marsk cards of at least 50 universities - Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj University, Kanpur, Allahabad University, Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar University and Monard University of Uttar Pradesh among others.

The gang would publish an advertisement with just an email to contact them. Satvik, a resident of Bengaluru after coming across the advertisement approached them for a marks card. However, he grew suspicious and alerted the police. 

The CCB police have seized 1,568 marks cards that were ready to be sold from the gang. In just three years, the gang has already sold 1,60,000  fake marks duping many gullible victims. They would charge Rs one lakh for an MBA and M Tech degree certificates and 50,000 for others courses.

Police suspect that a bigger gang could be operating throughout the country who helped these five in procuring fake marks cards of various universities.  The arrested five are Kunal Kumar Mandal, Dipankar Sen, Sandesh Agarwal, Sourabh Kumar Sharma and Aruna.