Chief Minister Siddaramaiah met at least 50 Ulemas (Muslim scholars and leaders) at Minister Tanveer Sait's residence along with former minister Roshan Baig and Zameer Ahmed. Was what happened in the meeting an indication that Roshan Baig, Tanveer Sait and UT Khader have lost their charm to Zameer Ahmed, who joined Congress recently, after rebelling against JD(S) leaders?

The meeting was conducted to appeal the Muslim leaders to stay with Congress and to give him an impression that Congress cared for Muslims. But during the meeting, some Ulemas were seen stating that the Muslim leaders in power (probably referring to Tanveer Sait, UT Khader and Roshan Baig) had done nothing for the people of their community, despite being in power.

To this Roshan Baig clarified that he had released Rs 2000 crore for the welfare of Muslims but was not used properly.

The CM had dinner along with talk at Tanveer Sait's house from 8.30 PM, and he also had a meeting at Minister UT Khader's residence where Ulemas also were present.

But during the talks, Ulemas did not look happy with the work of Ministers Khader and Baig. Even CM Siddaramaiah tried to appease them by agreeing that welfare of Muslim community were not taken as a priority. However, he was quick enough to request them to bring Congress to power this time, so that all concerns of Muslims will be heard and necessary measures will be taken.

"Vote for JD(S) might divide the support and might benefit BJP. So please as your supporters to cast their votes for Congress, CM appealed.

Zameer Ahmed Centre of attraction?

Another statement by Ulemas that instead of bringing forth the Muslim leaders of Congress who have not done anything for the community, the new people should be given importance.

When considered closely, Zameer Ahmed is the only popular Muslim leader who has joined Congress recently. So, were the Ulemas trying to influence the CM in giving prominence to Zameer Ahmed over Sait and Khader? Or was Zameer Ahmed influencing the Ulemas to speak (indirectly) on behalf of him?

Whatever the issue is, it is clear that the Muslim leaders are not happy with the performance of current leaders of the community and this should be taken care of, if the votes of the community should matter to the Congress.

Will Zameer Ahmed have the upper hand over Sait and Khader, only time can tell.