Miffed at the drones following Siddaramaiah during the Police Flag Day and during a wedding, the intelligence department did not take the coincidence lightly. Although it was realised that both the drones were panning for the event coverage, the intelligence department wanted to be doubly sure that there are no security threats associated with it. 

Although there is a spike in the number of drones being used for covering events, the intelligence chief took note of the incidences and alerted the state DG and the IGP asking them for a strict advisory on the implementation of guidelines put  out by the Civil Aviation Ministry for drones usage. The Karnataka Police chief, Director General and the Inspector General of Police RK Dutta directed that usage of drones without permission be banned, especially in events attended by VIPs and VVIPs. 

In a letter written on May 3, Dutta said, "The content of the letter of the DGP, intelligence, are self-explanatory. All unit officers are directed to ensure the guidelines towards use of drones are strictly complied with in their jurisdiction.’’

Prior to this, the director general of police MN Reddi had written to Dutta on April 24, "Of late, it has been observed that drone cameras are being used by private agencies for filming events. This is against instructions issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation. A drone camera was found to be hovering around the function place when chief minister was on the stage to wish a newly-married couple at a function in March. A letter was addressed to the commissioner of police, Bengaluru, in this regard. On April 2, a private agency was found operating a drone at police flag day celebrations where CM was the chief guest. In view of the security concerns, it is suggested that a direction may be issued to all commissioners of police and district SPs for strict implementation of DGCA advisory against use of drone cameras by any private agency, especially in programmes attended by VIPs/VVIPS.’’

On April 26, the DGCA came up with guidelines for the civil use of UAV, which said that drone users have to secure permit and a unique identification number for their operations. 

The DGCA notes the following guidelines for civil use of drone:

  • Civilian use of unmanned aircraft system includes damage assessment of property and life in areas affected with natural calamities, surveys; critical infrastructure monitoring.
  • Aircraft rules do not cover use of drones as well as their sale and purchase.
  • DGCA will register all civil unmanned aircraft and issue an operator permit on case-to-case basis.
  • Operation of civil unmanned aircraft in controlled airspace is restricted under the proposed norms.
  • Civil unmanned aircraft operations below 200 ft in uncontrolled airspace will not require an operator permit.
  • Operations at or above 200 feet above ground level in uncontrolled airspace will require permit from DGCA.