Ashwin Rao's parents were confident that there was a prodigy behind that cool demeanor. They were sure that he would top school. Afterall, his organised way of study will not go in vain. But it came as a real surprise when they came to know that he was a joint topper at the national level too. Residents of JP Nagar Phase II, their happiness knew no bound and they cannot stop beaming with pride. 

Ashwin was reserved in his expression of happiness when he said to Bangalore Mirror, "people say we need to study very hard to get marks and gain something in life. I don’t believe this at all. All you need to do is organise yourself and do the current day’s work by evening and be prepared for the classes."

He further said, "by the second preparatory examinations, I was all prepared for the exam. I love Science and Mathematics. I turned attention to Languages only later, but I gave the same amount of concentration for the Languages paper too."

Aswin loves extra-curricular activities too. He is a soccer player and a swimmer too. He has been training in Kung Fu from Class VI and is a red-belt holder. However, the main reason behind his fete is his teachers. He says, "my teachers helped me throughout and have been a pillar of support."

His mother, also a great support for him, says,"he is organised and does everything himself. He has not yet decided what he wants to do, but will do so soon.”

Another student, Sanjana L from Janak Academy  secured a whopping 94.5% in the ICSE board exams and made her parents and school proud. Though academically oriented, she is also into debates, elocutions, and creative writing competitions in school. Her main inspiration is her grandmother who is also an academician. Speaking to the Bangalore Mirror, she said, "I did not go for tuitions but used to complete the day's portion on that day itself."

Her only weak point was social studies, but she managed her time table in such a way that she could dedicate a few more hours to it every day. Her mother Sujata Nagaraj said, "I want her to excel in whatever she chooses to do next."Sanjana is also a Bharatnatyam dancer and also plays badminton.