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Karnataka High Court dismisses PIL seeking memorial hall for late actor Dr Vishnuvardhan in Bengaluru

The Karnataka High Court dismissed a PIL seeking land for Dr Vishnuvardhan Memorial Hall, citing lack of public interest. The petitioner argued for a memorial for the revered actor, but the court deemed such matters inappropriate for judicial intervention, urging direct government engagement. The bench cautioned against frivolous PILs, emphasizing genuine public concern as a prerequisite.

Karnataka High Court dismisses PIL seeking memorial hall for late actor Dr Vishnuvardhan in Bengaluru vkp
First Published Jun 6, 2024, 4:44 PM IST

The Karnataka High Court has dismissed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed seeking a directive to the state government for the allocation of 10 acres of land for the construction of Dr. Vishnuvardhan Memorial Hall.

The PIL was filed by VSS Abhiman, representing the Vishnuvardhan Punyabhoomi Trust, stating the unavailability of space for constructing the memorial hall. However, the division bench comprising Justices N.V. Anjaria and K.V. Arvind found the petition lacking in public interest.

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During the court proceedings, the petitioner's advocate argued that Dr Vishnuvardhan, a revered actor with a large fan base, deserved a memorial where his admirers could pay homage to him on his birthday and memorial day. The advocate urged the court to direct the state government to provide 10 acres of land in Mailasandra village for the construction of the memorial.

However, the bench deemed it inappropriate to address the issue of constructing a memorial for a film star through the High Court. They emphasized that such matters should be addressed directly with the government or the relevant authorities.

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The bench further emphasized that the PIL lacked compelling public interest and warned against frivolously utilizing court resources. While dismissing the petition, the bench cautioned the petitioner about the consequences of wasting court time.

The dismissal of the PIL underscores the High Court's stance on addressing matters of public interest and emphasizes the need for petitioners to demonstrate genuine public concern when approaching the court.

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