This video is certainly not what you would expect in a hospital. At Neelu Angel Nursing Home in South Delhi’s Saket, a Nigerian gang war enfolded.

Armed with cleavers and swords the men rushed in without a care and went ahead to butcher and clobber three fellow Nigerians who had come to the hospital for treatment. The scene was so bloody and terrifying that the hospital staff began to fear for their life and went and sought refuge in toilets to escape the bloody mess.



It was the early hours of Monday morning that the trio walked in for treatment, almost immediately another rival gang arrived on the scene in an autorickshaw. The newcomers looked menacing armed with weapons.

In the security cameras one can see the dreadful event unfold. Such was the aggression that they even broke a door down, dragged one of the injured men and started to attack them with swords. The fight was tough as the men held off each other for over an hour and they vandalised the whole place.

No casualties were reported other than a guard who tried to intervene but was beaten up. As soon as the police arrive the men fled the spot.