Video: Man injured after phone explodes in pocket

india | Saturday, October 28th, 2017
Team Asianet Newsable
  • The man is seen sitting in a shop when fumes start emanating from his pocket.
  • He throws away the mobile phone there, which is by now engulfed in smoke.
  • The man is seen opening the shirt almost immediately, escaping sever injury.

In a viral video that has taken the Internet by storm, a man is seen escaping serious injury after a mobile phone in his pocket starts emanating smoke. At one moment, the man is sitting calmly in a shop,while in the very next moment he is seen removing a phone from his shirt pocket as smoke starts emanating from the device almost suddenly. 

When he and the people around him realised what was transpiring in front of their eyes, they immediately helped the man open his shirt and controlled the fumes. The man escaped with minor injuries. It is not known why the device started emitting smoke, although few believe that it might have heated up. 

The incident is said to have happened in West Bengal's West Midnapore district and was reported by ANI.

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