Hansa research group, the firm which operates the Bar-O-Meters of the Broadcast Audience Research Council, has moved the Bombay High Court seeking transfer of the TRP scam probe to the CBI.

In its petition, Hansa Research Group has leveled serious accusations against the Mumbai Police. The company has claimed that it is being harassed and forced by the Mumbai Police to make false statements against the Republic Media Network.

The company has stated that police have resorted to pressure tactics to coerce Hansa's employees to issue a statement that a document aired as Hansa Report by Republic TV was fake. The report had been cited by Republic TV to claim that they are innocent in the TRP scam.

The petition also claimed that Hansa officials are being questioned without written notice or given no time to produce documents.

It pleaded, "This is a unique situation where the First informant in a crime is being harassed by the investigating agency and treated like accused only for a false statement which is enacted from them. This is completely against law and procedure laid down by law. This is against the fundamental rights of a person and calls for immediate intervention by this Hon’ble High Court."

They also claimed that they are caught in crossfire in a 'battle-like situation between Mumbai Police and certain sections from media for the last few months. It is evident that the petitioners are being used by police and certain section from media as means to attack each other and petitioners are suffering from collateral damage in this.”

On October 10,, Republic TV aired documents which it described as the "Hansa Report". Republic TV claimed it had accessed the seven-page report by Hansa Research Group, the entity that filed the Police Complaint in the TRP scam with Mumbai Police, which clearly showed the name of news channel India Today with reference to multiple instances of TRP rigging.

However, Hansa Research Group distanced itself from the report with Hansa Research Praveen Nijhara CEO saying, "We formally sent a notice to Republic TV on October 12, 2020 requesting them not to use our name. Since this was not acted upon, and Republic TV continued to use the Hansa name on television, we had no option but to approach the City Civil Court seeking an injunction against use of our name."

That matter is expected to be heard in next week.