She became Insan (human) after embracing the now rape convicted Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh baba's cult. Here are the details about Honeypreet Insan, who instead of his own daughters accompanied her 'papa' to the jail.

It is also said that convict Ram Rahim will be accompanied by his adopted daughter to the jail. Honypreet was not a believer in Ram Rahim from her birth. But her marriage to another man brought her closer to Ram Rahim, whom she calls his 'pa' or father.

Honeypreet is said to be in her 30s and hails from Fatehpur in Hissar. She was named Honeypreet after her marriage to Vishwas Gupta, a staunch follower of Dera.

Honeypreet came in contact with the Dera members when she came to complain that her husband's family was torturing her to get more dowry.

It was then Gurmeet Ram Rahim decided to adopt Honeypreet Singh as his daughter and Vishwas as his son-in-law.

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This changed everything in Honeypreet's life, and she became a staunch follower of Ram Rahim and called him Guru Pa.

Though becoming Ram Rahim's son-in-law had made Vishwas rich, it looks like he was losing his wife. Thus in 2011 Vishwas sought judicial custody of his wife Honeypreet from Dera Chief ram Rahim. In addition, Vishwas also filed a case against ram Rahim charging him of sexually exploiting his wife.

But later, he was made to withdraw the case following an out-of-the-court settlement. However, Honeypreet stayed with Ram Rahim and Vishwas parted ways with the wife as well as with Ram Rahim.

Since then, Honeypreet is known to be the closest aide of Ram Rahim. She even directed his Messenger of God (MSG) part 2. Not only that, she has even acted with ram Rahim in all his movies.

Now with Ram Rahim in jail, there are speculations that Honeypreet will lead the devotees.

However, Ram Rahim is married to Harjeet Kaur has three daughters and a son from her.