Kolkata: The admission procedure in a Kolkata college has come into question. Sunny Leone's application has been submitted to Ashutosh College this year (2020). As soon as the merit list came out, everyone was surprised. The number obtained in every subject is 100 out of 100. But this Sunny Leone is not from Bollywood. Recently, the results of higher secondary were announced. Online admissions of colleges are going on based on results. At the undergraduate level of Ashutosh College, the merit list has been published on the basis of numbers obtained in these results.

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The list of meritorious students admitted to Ashutosh College for English undergraduate level went viral as it came to the notice of the students. Bollywood actor Sunny Leone's name was there at the top of the merit list for admission. The name shined above everyone. The application ID and roll number accompanied the name on the list.

A student of Ashutosh college said, “Many girls studying in the college are called by the name of Sunny Leone. Their names also come up in the merit list of admission. But since the name never came in the top of the merit list, nobody paid any heed to it.”

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The questions arose only after Sunny Leone‘s name mischievously made it to the top of the merit list for admission. As soon as the merit list came out, it went viral. It is also claimed that the name was later removed from the merit list.

“It is an act of mischief as someone deliberately submitted a wrong application having typed Leone’s name. We have asked the admission department to correct it. We will also conduct an inquiry into the incident,” a college official said.

The incident raised questions among the college about the online admission process that is underway.