Hubballi: The Sri Rama Sene, which was in news earlier for the infamous Mangaluru pub attack, is grabbing the limelight again. Its working president Siddalinga Swami announced a cash reward of Rs 3 lakh for those who chop the tongue of three Kashmiri students, who were recently slapped with sedition charges for chanting pro-Pakistan slogans at Hubballi college, Karnataka.


The Sene's working president, who was addressing a gathering to mark Chatrapathi Shivaji 393 birth anniversary, said, "Pakistan murdabad." He further announced Rs 1 lakh each per tongue of the students who chanted pro-Pakistan slogans.

Siddalinga Swami also demanded that Congress leader CM Ibrahim be booked under sedition charges for making derogatory remarks against police calling the cops as Devadasis (women pushed into sex under the guise of serving God).

Earlier, Sri Rama Sene's founder Pramod Muthalik was dragged in Mangaluru pub attack case in the year 2009. After the incident, many women groups criticised the organisation. They even launched the pink chaddi campaign where the women groups sent lingeries to Muthalik's office.