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Pune bakery introduces unique red guava cake, calls it 'Purandar Peru Cake’

Farmers who grow the ‘Ratnadeep Guava’ variety in the region have associated with Pune’s Kayani Bakery, famous for its Shrewsberry biscuits and other products, to introduce a unique eggless guava preparation with the brand name ‘Purandar Peru Cake’.

Pune based Kayani bakery introduces unique red guava cake calls it purandar peru cake gcw
First Published Sep 18, 2022, 12:46 PM IST

Red guava farmers in the Purandar tehsil of the Pune district have reason to celebrate since the renowned Kayani Bakery is now using their supply to make a distinctive cake.  Due to its calming flavour and dark pink flesh within, the fruit type known as "Ratnadeep Guava" is historically farmed by farmers in Maharashtra's Purandar tehsil.

Farmers in the area who cultivate the "Ratnadeep Guava" type have joined up with Pune's Kayani Bakery, well-known for its Shrewsberry cookies and other goods, to produce a distinctive eggless guava recipe under the trade name "Purandar Peru Cake."

The bakery's co-owner reported that since they started manufacturing this cake a month ago, it has been well received by consumers.

Pune based Kayani bakery introduces unique red guava cake calls it purandar peru cake gcw

According to Rohan Ursal, the chairman of the company, "The cake is manufactured utilising the red guava bread spread, produced by Purandar Highlands Farmers Producers Company (PHFPC), a corporation formed by 14 people who are full-time farmers and have a profound knowledge of farming and associated techniques." He said that the PHFPC's main goal was to introduce the red guavas, custard apples, and figs produced in the area to the global market.

"We receive our produce from farmers that grow figs, custard apples, and red guavas. We distribute these fruits around seven states and sell them online. We reasoned that these fruits needed to be processed because of their short shelf lives while we were doing this," according to Ursal.

The GI-tagged fig bread spread and the red guava spread were later introduced, along with a state-of-the-art fruit processing facility, he added. They addressed numerous bakers, including Rustom Kayani, the co-owner of the Kayani Bakery, in an effort to advance the red guava variety.

According to Ursal, Rustom Kayani guided them in making minor adjustments to the fruit spread needed to produce the cake. Kayaniji noted that he had never tasted something so good. The crimson guava cake was eventually created when he decided to turn it into a recipe, according to Ursal. He stated it was a great occasion for all the local farmers when the baker gave it the name "Purandar Guava Cake."

(With PTI inputs)

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