A huge explosion has been reported in Kolkata's Beleghata area on Tuesday (October 13) morning. As per the details, the powerful blast blew off part of the roof of Beleghata Gandhimath Friends Circle Club. 

Local people came out of their house as soon as they heard the sound of the blast. They went to the clubhouse and saw that a part of the roof had been blown off. The wall of the clubhouse was also broken partially. 

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Officials of Beleghata police station reached the spot after getting information from local sources. The information was also given to the Intelligence Division and Bomb Disposal Squad of Kolkata Police.

After the blast, some people associated with the club claimed that a gas cylinder was kept in the two-storey clubhouse. 
Initially, it was guessed that the gas cylinder has busted leading to the explosion. 

However, a large part of the locals, who want to keep their identities secret, claimed that the club did not have gas cylinders. Another part of the club members claim that the club was used as a children's computer training center. 

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According to police sources, the cause of the blast was yet to be ascertained.

There were no reports of any injuries or casualties due to the blast.