Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday during the inauguration of the SAUNI irrigation project in Jamnagar, Gujarat averted a tragedy after he alerted a cameraman on time even as water from the dam came gushing down.


The cameraman, who works for state-television Doordarshan, was standing near a spot close to the dam when PM Modi alerted him.



The cameraman moved away in the last moment. However, he could not save his camera. which was washed away in the waters released from Aji Dam from the Narmada River.


According to ANI,  the camera and the tripod was later recovered later.



The inauguration site of the project is located at Sanosara village near Dhroll. At least 10 dams and reservoirs have been built under the project, located at Rajkot, Jamnagar and Morbi. All the dams will soon be filled up with the Narmada River water.