Prime Minister Narendra Modi writes a letter addressing people of Bihar. In his letter, PM says, "I am convinced about the development of Bihar. I need Nitish Kumar government to ensure that there are no obstructions for development policies in Bihar."

PM Modi said that votes in Bihar were being polled not on the basis of caste, but for development. 

"Votes are being cast not for false promises but for strong (political) will/intentions. Not for bad governance, but for good governance. Not for corruption, but for honesty. Not for opportunism, but for self-dependence. I am convinced of Bihar's development," said the letter posted on the PM's Twitter account minutes before the campaigning for the final phase of polling ended.

"NDA has done work in all sectors in Bihar -- electricity, water, roads, health, education and for law and order," the letter said, adding that "the people of Bihar are eagerly waiting for the 'Swamitva Yojana' (Ownership Plan). These powerful plans will empower the common man and help them lead a dignified life."

Stating that people believe that only NDA government can keep the momentum of development going in Bihar, the PM said: "I am confident that power of double engine will take the state on new heights of development."

Voting for the final phase of election in Bihar is scheduled to take place on November 7 and the results will be declared on November 10.