Prime Minister Modi slammed the opposition over Pakistan's admission on the Pulwama attack, saying it has 'taken masks off' the faces of those in India who never cared for the 'sons of Bihar' who lost their lives in the terror attack.

Addressing four rallies in the state, Prime Minister Modi warned the people against voting for such people.

Here are some of the highlights of what the prime minister said at his rallies:

* "On the one hand, there is development brought in by the double engine government of the NDA. On the other there are these double-double yuvraj with the sole agenda of saving their thrones. One of them failed in UP a few years ago and is now lending his support to the 'yuvraj of jungle raj' in Bihar.

* A grand Ram Temple is being built in Ayodhya. Those in politics who used to ask us a date (of temple construction) are now compelled to applaud. It is the identity of BJP and NDA, we do what we promise."

* "My mothers need not worry about whether they would be able to afford Chhath festivities a few weeks from now. Do remember this son of yours is sitting in Delhi. He will take care of all your needs".

* "Did Sardar Patel belong to the RSS, the Jana Sangh or the BJP? No. He was a Congressman. But that party chose to forget him even on his birth anniversary."

* "I was impressed when the woman fluently spoke about the welfare measures undertaken by our government and hurled the counter question when Modi has done so much for us, do you expect us to vote for you and not for him? She expressed the sentiment shared by most voters of Bihar."

* "Grand alliance is like bad food which causes indigestion after which we make up our mind never to try it again."

* "This time for Bihar elections, leaders of jungle raj (Rashtriya Janata Dal or RJD) have come together with the supporters of Naxalism and 'tukde-tukde' gang. If given a chance, they will again push the state of Bihar into the dark era of violence. Therefore, people of Bihar have to be aware of them"

* "If those jungle raj leaders had ever been worried about you, then Bihar would not have lagged behind in the race of development. The truth is they neither cared for you before nor do they care about you now. They are only worried about hiding their benami (illegal) property"

* "It is important for the youth to get employment in Bihar itself. Who can get this done? Those which gave darkness and crime, those for whom giving jobs is a source to earn crores, or the National Democratic Alliance under Nitish Kumar, which brought out Bihar from the BIMARU category.