4-year old Nancy Gondalia will have this incident etched in her memory for life. Prime Minister Narendra Modi stopped his car enroute an event and greeted her with a hug. Captured on camera, the video has gone viral and is being applauded by a number of viewers.

In the video, Nancy is seen running toward the PM's cavalcade and being stopped by SPG commandos. Minutes after this, the girl is called back and taken to the Prime Minister. Modi is also spotted hugging the girl and speaking to her. She is then sent back to her parents. 

Modi is reported to have asked her name and time and is seen pointing at her watch. The Prime Minister was on a 2-day visit to Gujarat and was on his way to inaugurate Kiran Superspeciality hospital in Surat. This incident was a recap of the PM's populist gesture in Bhubaneswar where he stood on the guard rail to wave at the people gathered there.

Earlier in the day, he had inaugurated a cattle feed plant and an ice-cream plant in the Tapi district of Gujarat.

The state is scheduled for polls later this year. He was conferred a grand welcome in his home state on Sunday evening with a 11-km-long-saree, representing the schemes launched by his government.