Major Leetul Gogoi, finally spoke up for his defence, after he faced criticism for winning an Army bravery award for sustained efforts in counter-insurgency operations. He said that the civilian whom he had trussed up on the bonnet of his jeep was not innocent.

In fact, he was the one who was instigating the mob of 900 to attack the Election Commission personnel. Speaking to a TV channel, he further added, "I have not fired a bullet, not beaten up anyone... there was no collateral damage. From my point of view I have not violated anything... We are here to help the people. The Army is here for common people, against those with weapons and those who fight against nation."

It was also reported that Dar was standing about 30 meters from the jeep among the stonepelters. Gogoi narrated the chain of events, thereafter, "I immediately told my boys (colleagues) to catch hold of him. He was instigating the crowd and might have been the ringleader."

He further added, "When he saw us, he started running towards the crowd and got on his bike. Somehow, we caught him." It was indeed a do or die situation, as Gogoi pointed out since he had to risk the civilian's life to save thousands of others. He could shoot because that would have led to casualties and he could not sacrifice the lives of the election commission officers. This was his last resort. Gogoi said, "Over 1,200 people had surrounded the polling station and were trying to burn it down with petrol bombs. People were pelting stones from all sides, even women and children, and even people from roof tops."