A young man from Kila Raipur village - located 30 kilometres from Ludhiana - brutally beheaded a 40-year-old woman with an axe. He even posted a selfie video of the incident on YouTube.

The young man, who later surrendered himself to the police, said that he took the extreme step as he was sick of being harassed by her. The accused identified as Maninder Singh by PTI said that the attack on the victim, Sarbjit Kaur took place in broad daylight.

Singh, who was spotted in a bright yellow t-shirt on the day of the incident, shooting a selfie video of the woman lying in a pool of blood. The victim’s daughter Lakhwinder Kaur told Hindustan Times that her mother had gone to meet her friend near their house at 12.30pm on Sunday and the attack took place when she was returning home. 

In the video, the accused, who is a locally known Kababi player, is seen claiming that he killed the victim, Sarbjit Kaur, as she was harassing him since she knew about his affair with another woman. The police said that he struck her on the neck with the axe repeatedly. The video of the attack is available on several YouTube channels.

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Earlier last week, a similar shocking crime was reported in Mumbai, where the wife of a police officer who is investigating the Sheena Bora murder case was found dead in a pool of blood. As the details of the murder tumbled out, it was found that it was her 21-year-old son, who brutally stabbed her to death. After stabbing his mother Dipali, 42, as many as 12 times with a kitchen knife, Siddhant Ganore , 21, wrote

‘Tired of her, catch me & hang me’ on the bedroom floor with his mother’s blood with a smiley next to it.