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Maharashtra temple uses Rahul Gandhi's image as doormat to protest anti-Hindu remarks, sparks row (WATCH)

A purported video showing a Maharashtra temple using a doormat featuring Rahul Gandhi's image in response to his controversial remarks about Hindus has gone viral on social media platform X.

Maharashtra temple uses Rahul Gandhi's image as doormat to protest anti-Hindu remarks, sparks row (WATCH) snt
First Published Jul 8, 2024, 3:11 PM IST

In response to Rahul Gandhi's recent comments, which were perceived as derogatory towards Hindus, a video purportedly showing a temple in Maharashtra using a poster as a doormat with the Congress MP's image has gained widespread attention on social media platform X. The poster, prominently featuring Rahul Gandhi's picture alongside the text "How dare you call Hindus violent and eve teasers?" has gone viral on social media platforms.

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Please note: Asianet Newsable does not vouch for the authenticity of the viral video

The viral video comes days after Rahul Gandhi's remarks during his maiden speech as Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha on July 1, where he criticized the BJP's Hindu nationalist stance.

His statement that "those who call themselves Hindus talk violence… hatred… untruth 24 hours" sparked a heated exchange in Parliament, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and senior Cabinet ministers intervening to counter Gandhi's assertions.

“This is a very serious issue. Calling the entire Hindu society violent is a serious issue (poore Hindu samaj ko hinsak kehna yeh gambhir vishay hai)," PM Modi had said in response to the Congress MP's remarks.

As the treasury benches protested, Gandhi had further stated, “the BJP and the RSS are not the entire Hindu society… Aap Hindu ho hi nahi (You are not Hindus).”

During the exchange, when Rahul Gandhi directly questioned, "Why is the PM always serious?" Narendra Modi, who remained seated during the address, stood up once more and responded, "Democracy and the Constitution have taught me the importance of taking the Leader of Opposition seriously."

The video of the temple's symbolic protest has circulated widely, drawing mixed reactions from netizens. Supporters of the gesture view it as a legitimate expression of dissent against what they perceive as an affront to Hindu sentiments, while critics argue it undermines the decorum of political discourse.

"Hindus have the right to express their anger toward the Congress party," said one user on X in response to the viral video.

Another remarked, "This is very shameful, Not good sign for democracy."

"I usually don’t support this type of things but now I’m loving it," said a third user.

A fourth noted, "I strongly condemn this."

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Here's a look at how netizens reacted to the viral video featuring a poster of Rahul Gandhi used as doormat outside a temple in Maharashtra:

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