Wayanad: The only district in Kerala which does not meet the total literacy criteria has aimed to scale the total literacy summit by April 2020. 

Wayanad is presently having 89.03% literacy rate, including 31.2% of the state's tribal people. 

Apparently, according to the UNESCO's guidelines, a region will be declared totally literate, if at least 90% of the population are able to read and write. Meanwhile, the State Literacy Mission has identified the low literacy rate of 71% among tribal people.

Since 2017, State Literacy Mission has successfully implemented two phases of a special tribal literacy programme in Wayanad. In the first two phases,  7,302 tribal people residing in 500 colonies were made literate. 

The third and final phase of the programme in Wayanad is set to be thrown out from October 20 with a survey to identify people who could not join the first two phases. The registration will be held between October 21 and 31 and the classes will start on November 1. 

In March 2020, the literacy mission will conduct an exam. The distribution of literacy certificates to beneficiaries and declaration of total literacy is expected to be held in April, 2020.  An organising committee with education minister C Raveendranath and MPs Rahul Gandhi and MP Veerendrakumar has been formed to ensure the complete success of the initiative.