Thiruvananthapuram: Interpol has issued a lookout notice against Kerala gold smuggling case accused Faisal Fareed. The action was taken after India's request.

Reports said that the diplomatic baggage found in Thiruvananthapuram airport, in connection with the gold smuggling case, was sent by Fareed. However, Fareed has denied having any role to play in the case.

The lookout notice has been issued as part of the procedure to repatriate Fareed to India. Earlier, a blue corner notice was issued against him.

Days ago, the ministry of external affairs impounded the passport of Fareed, following directions provided by the customs department.

After India impounded Fareed’s passport, the UAE issued a travel ban against him. This will prevent Fareed from escaping out of the gulf country and will also help bring him back to India as soon as possible.

The customs officials on Friday (July 17) raided the house of Fareed.

Initially, the customs officials planned to seal the house, but after Fareed's relatives had a spare key, the officials decided to open the house.

Fareed's house is located in Thrissur's Moonupeedika near Kaipamangalam. The house had been left vacant for almost one-and-a-half years. During the raid the officials found three bank passbooks and a laptop.