According to reports, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has registered a case against a Kasaragod native suspected to be involved in the Islamic State Khorasan Province’s (ISKP) attack on a Kabul Gurdwara. The attack occurred on March 25 and claimed 27 lives.

After the NIA Act amendment permitting it to probe incidents overseas, this is the first case registered by the national agency.

The case is registered against Mohammed Muhsin from Thrikkaripur.

The NIA Delhi Unit is investigating the case. Though Muhsin was claimed to have disappeared from the country in 2018, no case had been registered against him.

Muhsin went to Malaysia in 2017. After returning, he left for the UAE in 2018. From the UAE, he is suspected to have joined the ISKP in Afghanistan. He met up with 14 other Kasaragod natives who had joined the IS in 2016, according to reports.

Earlier, another Kasaragod native, Mohammed Sajid Kuthirummal, was suspected to be the person behind the Kabul attack. But the NIA, with assistance from Afghanistan agencies, has managed to establish the identity of the person.