Bengaluru: Following the verbal quarrel between BJP workers and Jyothi Nivas College students on Wednesday, former Karnataka minister Ramalinga Reddy visited the institution and challenged BJP workers to try and gain entry into the college premises.

A quarrel ensued after students had objected to pro CAA and NRC banners being put at the college perimeter wall and a signature campaign being carried out. 

The video of the battle between students and BJP workers howling at students went viral yesterday.

Reddy who visited the college, spoke to authorities and assured them of help.

Speaking to media, Reddy said, the person in the video was the BJP president of the area and another was a defeated Congress candidate who later joined the BJP.

"I know them, I will talk to them. No police complaint has been filed so far. The DCP has assured tight security. We will not allow JNC to be another place for attacks. Let them come, I will see," Reddy said, challenging BJP workers to enter the college premises.

Reddy said he does not want to take any stand on CAA and NRC and said that he will set up a tent at a ground and make facilities for the BJP to carry out their signature campaign, but will not allow a girl’s college for such activities to take place.