A day after Pakistan accused India of running dozens of terror training camps in Afghanistan to plot attacks on Pakistani soil, both New Delhi and Kabul have dismissed the claims as a 'figments of imagination'.

In a statement, the External Affairs Ministry said: "We have seen reports on a press conference by Pakistani establishment. It's yet another futile anti-India propaganda exercise." 

"The so-called claims of 'proof' against India enjoy no credibility, are fabricated & represent figments of imagination," the MEA said.

The MEA further said: "This desperate attempt will find few takers as the international community is aware of Pakistan’s tactics and proof of its terror sponsorship has been admitted by none other than its own leadership."

"Face of global terror, Osama Bin Laden, was found in Pakistan. Its PM glorified him as a ‘martyr’ from Parliament, he admitted the presence of 40,000 terrorists in Pak, their Minister proudly claimed involvement & success of Pakistan, led by its PM, in Pulwama terror attack."

"The press conference was a deliberate attempt on the part of the Pakistani establishment to shift focus from its internal political and economic failures. It also seeks to justify cross-border terrorism, including ceasefire violations and infiltration across the LoC and IB."

In Kabul, the Afghan ministry of foreign affairs said that there was absolutely no evidence that Malik (Feraydoon Khan) Mohammad -- one of the tribal leaders o Nangarhar province, was involved in terrorist attacks on Peshawar Agriculture university.

Claims of Imran Khan's government

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had yesterday claimed at the media briefing that two Indian intelligence agencies -- RAW and DIA -- of financing, training and harbouring terrorists.

He claimed, "The first objective is to disrupt Pakistan's path towards peace and for the same, sub-nationalism is being promoted in Gilgit-Baltistan, erstwhile Fata and Balochistan. The second objective is to disrupt Pakistan's economy  and the third objective is to create political instability in Pakistan."

Claims of the Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army spokesperson Major General Babar Iftikhar claimed: "Recently, 30 Indian Daesh militants were relocated from India to various camps along Pakistan-Afghanistan border by two Indian intelligence agencies operatives. These militants were handed over to Daesh Commander Shiekh Abdul Rahim alias Abdul Rehman Muslim Dost."

"After the unification of TTP with its breakaway factions (JuA and HuA) in August 2020, India is endeavouring to establish a consortium of TTP with proscribed dissident organisations of Balochistan (BLA, BLF and BRA) which are already united under the banner of BRAS (Baloch Raaji Aajoie Sangar) constituted in 2018. Indian intelligence agencies are managing 87 such terrorists’ camps out of which 66 are located in Afghanistan whereas 21 are located in India."