The controversial leader was speaking about how India was accommodative to Nigerians and ended up speaking about ‘living with South Indians’.


He was called for a talk show by Al Jazeera to speak about racism allegations against Nigerians in India, about four students being attacked in the Greater Noida, recently. The Nigerian students in the talk show said that they were not feeling safe in India. We try to blend, but we are looked down upon by the Indians. They look at us suspiciously with regard to our food or even clothes, they said.


When the former leader Tarun Vijay was asked to speak on the matter, he tried in all possible ways to prove that Indians are not racists against foreigners and ended up saying that there is racism within India.


His words saying we are not racists, see we are surrounded by the black people, we live with South Indians has not gone down well with the South Indians. He even said, “You know Tamils, you know Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh. We do love them. We have black people all around us.”


Can’t say if this made the Nigerian students feel better, but Indians surely are reading between the lines and are not taking it calmly. Following these statements, he was heavily trolled on the social media. After the media took this matter and slammed the leader for using those words, he replied on his Twitter account trying to justify what he said. This is what he has tweeted:






However, as if to prove his innocence and to show how much he loves Tamilians, he re-tweeted some old Tweets, where he was seen with Tamilians.