It was not even a week ago when Indian members and supporters of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community walked on the roads of Kolkata in solidarity and in celebration of their diversity. All they demanded was equal legal, social and medical rights. Now reports have surfaced that bars and restaurants in Delhi and Mumbai are banning gay couples.


It is learnt that these restaurants and bars are making them feel uncomfortable or they denying them entry.


Shiro, a club in Worli, Mumbai, actually stated that they do not allow gay couples as they have got orders from the management. They apparently allow only ‘husband-wife type couples.’


Harish Iyer, a LGBTQ activist, was refused entry to Bar Stock Exchange in Mumbai recently.


It is not like that these gay men will walk off from the restaurants and bars without paying. Secondly, the Supreme Court said that having unnatural sex or gay sex is a crime. The Apex Court never said that homosexuality is a crime as well.


Why are these restaurants and bars in two of the most progressive cities acting in this fashion?