The Prime Minister expressed his awe and admiration for the people and how he realised that most of those who give suggestions or try to reach to him are those who are really doing something in their lives.

Among the initiatives the PM lauded was the Roti Banks in the country. He came to know of it when previously people had complained about how food was being wasted in the country. In the Roti Banks, the leftover rotis are deposited by people, they also deposit the leftover vegetables and the needy can obtain food from these banks.

Summer was also one of the topics touched upon by the PM. He appreciated the efforts of people who have been putting out water to feed birds, strays and other animals and how this was an exercise in empathy.

Here are some of the other topics the PM spoke about:

#Since summer vacations are also upon us, PM Modi advised the listeners on how to utilise their vacation. He said: See that you gain a new experience. Try to take the opportunity of acquiring a new skill.  Try to experience something that you have neither heard before , nor seen, nor thought of and  yet there is a curiosity in your mind. You must try new places, new experiences and new skills.

#As an example he cited that people should try and travel in a second-class compartment of the train without reservation and observe the world that travels in there. He also asked the children to take their sports equipment, toys or books and spend some time in a colony of poor and lesser privileged people.  Play with those poor kids, and one would experience a new kind of joy.

#Hinting at the disconnect in our lives the PM said how he was  worried that how technology evolved to reduce the distance and end the boundaries, but the end result of this is people are sitting in the same room but they are separated by unimaginable distances! Why? Everyone has become so busy with technology in his or her own way.

#’Do something out of the box, my Friends’, Prime Minister Modi said, exhorting the listeners to try to know about things about which one has no prior knowledge about. Our inner human potential will awaken and this will provide a great opportunity for development.

#Highlighting the advantages of BHIM app, Modi said how people should encourage others to use it and mentioned an earning opportunity. If the new member does three transactions the referrer stands to earn ten rupees for that. Ten rupees will be credited to the account from the government. If one involve 20 persons in a day, by evening, one would’ve earned two hundred rupees. The traders can earn, so can students. And this scheme is valid till the 14th of October. It will be your contribution towards making of a digital India.

#Speaking about the removal of the red beacons and VIP culture. He mentioned that his concept of  New India is that in place of VIP, more priority should be accorded to EPI, which mean – every person is important.