Tough days ahead for Karnataka Congress as its trouble shooter DK Shivakumar will remain in Tihar jail at least till December 9, according to sources.

Congress sources say that they would not be surprised with the delay in DK Shivakumar's release on bail with respect to the money laundering case as they think "BJP is afraid".

"Shivakumar is a game changer. He can single handedly win at least five to six seats. Knowing his ability, the BJP will insist the ED to grill him and ensure he doesn't get bail till by-election results to 15 Assembly seats are out on December 9. The by-election will be held on December 5," said a source.

Congress spokesperson Kengal Shreepada Renu said, he or majority of Congressmen would not be surprised with Shivakumar remaining in jail till December as BJP is aware that Shivakumar along with other leaders can defeat the BJP.

"They (BJP) are not just targeting opposition leaders but are killing democracy. Many leaders in the BJP are also rich and they have made money, but to cover up their failure in terms of bad economy, job cuts and increasing violence, they are just indulging in attention diversion tactics," said Kengal Renu.

BJP reacts:

BJP leader and spokesperson Vaman Acharya denied any vendatta politics and said the BJP government is doing its job and works for implementation of law and punish those who violate law.

"Congress has always survived on 'money bag' leaders. DK Shivakumar is not the only one. There are many. Even if DKS is released on bail after furnishing details to the investigation agencies, Congress will still be defeated because of its bad image," stressed Acharaya.