Okay, so his reaction isn’t what people are always used to. But many participated in his happiness and congratulated him when his divorce finally came through.

Rinkesh Rachchh from Rajkot was in a traumatic marriage for a year and he was more than rejoiced when it finally ended.

The 26-year-old businessman distributed 50kgs of cashew barfi in boxes that read “Chutacheda Harakh Na” (to celebrate divorce). The box also contains a note on how women’s protection laws have been exploited in India.

Without going into the specifics of his marriage, he said that trouble began when his wife expressed her desire to live separately from his family, reported Hindustan Times.

He added that he initiated the proceedings for divorce but found that the law wasn’t on his side. “Even the top lawyer was of no help,” he said, adding that he’s relieved after his divorce and wouldn’t mind getting married again. Since his divorce came through, he's been flooded with calls from mother-in-laws who've been complaining about living with their daughter-in-laws, 

Divorce in India is a long winded legal process as there are fewer family courts in the country. Most often, courts try to keep couples together by making them reach some sort of agreement.