The uprising against the dowry system was late, but is welcome. For instance, this woman-Rubana Parween-from Jharkhand did not hesitate to issue an open 'Talaq' to her husband minutes after getting married to him. According to eye-witnesses, everything was fine until the 'Nikaah' was complete.

Immediately after that, he demanded a Bajaj Pulsar bike even though the bride's family had bought a Hero Passion PRO bike in accordance to the previous demand of the groom. When the family members of the bride and  the villagers tried to reason with the groom, he started misbehaving with the father of the bride and threatened that he would return home without taking the bride. 

When the bride came to know about the incident, she called her father and told him that she would not live with a greedy man and that she wants to divorce him. She said, "The man who has no respect for my father can’t be my husband."

The qazis were called in and in their presence, she handed the groom an open talaq. Furthermore, the father of the bride asked the groom to return all the dowry that he was given, which he blatantly refused. Following this, the villagers caught hold of the groom Mumtaz Ansari and his brother Mohammad Imtiyaz and tonsured their heads. They then garlanded them with shoes and placed a placard around their necks, which read "I am dowry greedy". They were then paraded across the village before being sent without the bike and the bride. 

The groom's family was also made to write a written apology and a guarantee that they will return all the gifts and dowry that they had received.