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From the India Gate: Delay in UCC, banana republic in Rajasthan, Left blunder and more

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From the India Gate Asianet News Network Political Gossip Episode 40
First Published Sep 3, 2023, 6:54 PM IST

Why is the BJP quiet on the Uniform Civil Code (UCC)? After an initial euphoria, the Narendra Modi Government is not discussing UCC as vociferously as it did prior to the Karnataka assembly elections. While the aam admi tries to attribute this 'withdrawal' to the poll debacle and Manipur violence, the actual reason seems to be the ambition of the Prime Minister to focus all his energy on making India a $ 5 Trillion economy.

Currently, the Modi government is actively engaged in the G20 Summit. Further, elections are expected to be announced in five states soon and the Prana Prathista at Ayodhya is scheduled in January.

So the speculation is that the Prime Minister may delay presenting the UCC Bill till the 2024 elections. Modi's primary focus appears to be steering India toward a $5 trillion economy, making it the third-largest economic power globally.

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What is the connection between Lankan cricketer Sanath Jayasurya and Kerala’s CPM cyber groups? Though there are no marks for guessing the right answer, the cricketer’s inbox was flooded with hate messages from cyber groups recently.

The reason they pelted abuses exposes the zero awareness among such groups.

Malayalam actor Jayasurya had vehemently criticized the Left Government for failing to meet the expectations of farmers in Kerala. He pointed out that thousands of farmers were not paid the floor price for paddy procured from them.

As a result, farmers were living in penury and a few even committed suicides. Jayasurya said this at the state government-organised event on the eve of Onam.

Though agriculture minister P Prasad who was present tried to wriggle out, statistics were against his claims. Soon the cyber groups started hounding the actor calling him a Sanghi.

The spillover of this protest flooded cricketer Jayasuriya’s page. With the move becoming a ridiculous joke, CPM has turned the volume down.

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His father is the most powerful minister in the Rajasthan government. But that doesn’t stop the son from embarrassing his father every now and then. The recent incident saw him rushing to a government hospital to 'for charity work'. The minister’s son was buoyed by support from his coterie to celebrate his birthday.

But the drama went totally wrong when a patient belonging to a minority community wanted an extra banana. The prince had brought just a few bunches with him.

The demand for more infuriated the minister’s son and it eventually ended up in a ruckus. Soon relatives of the patients mobbed the hospital and stopped the minister’s son from leaving.

The crisis petered out only after the 'powerful' father rushed to the hospital and apologized to the patient. The father had all the reasons to be worried as the hospital was in his constituency!

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Congress leaders in Rajasthan are set to run helter-skelter after the big boss issued a unique order.

It might sound simple. The leader who brings the maximum number of supporters to a convention will be given a ticket to contest the upcoming elections.

This demand for show-of-strength has confused Congress leaders. Most worried among the leaders are the ministers in Gehlot Cabinet. Many of them have lost public connect. And naturally, they are totally unsure how their voters will respond to such a request.

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