Remember the times when a hike in fuel prices were dreaded by many? And remember how people would be raging about the hike even if it was a hike of 1 or 2 rupees? That clearly seems to have died now, may be because you haven't been noticing the gradual, incremental hike in fuel prices in the past months. Here are the stats to give you a bit of perspective 


September 11- Rs 70.62 (petrol) 57.33 (diesel)

October 2- Rs 71.83 (petrol) 59.06 (diesel)

December 18-  Rs 70.30 (petrol) 59.53 (diesel)

January 15 - Rs 72.17 (petrol) 62. 59 (diesel)

The government seems to have strategically planned it and made it a gradual and not a sudden hike, to keep it away from hitting the eyes of the citizens in big, bold figures. However, what could be the well-hidden agenda behind this move? When the government could add fuel into the list of items that fall under the GST plan, they refuse to do so, because here's what will happen. If fuel comes under goods that are under GST, the price of the good will be as low as 36-40 rupees, for which a price of over 70 rupees is currently being paid. While the prices are usually hiked only when the rates at the international market shoot up, the rise in prices have been bizarrely hitting the roof, even without a signal from the international market. If this doesn't urge you to raise an eyebrow, then I don't know what will.  


Desc - The fuel prices have been hiking up gradually without being noticed by many. But the reason behind the rise of these prices have been left unknown, since the rise has been occurring irrespective of the rates in the international market. Could this hike be coming with an undercover agenda by the government? Watch this video on Asianet Newsable to know why.