Jaipur: As India is under a lockdown until May 3 to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), people are working from home. Also, many professionals are conducting meetings via videoconferencing. Court hearings are also being done through video conferencing. However, a bail petition was adjourned after an advocate did not appear for video conferencing in “proper uniform”.

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The Jaipur bench of the Rajasthan high court adjourned a hearing on bail petition after an advocate appeared on video conferencing in baniyan (vest), according to reports.

Justice Sanjeev Prakash Sharma’s order dated April 24 read, “Learned counsel for the petitioner was contacted through video conferencing, he was found to be wearing Baniyan.”

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The order added, “The Advocates Act provides for lawyers to wear uniform while pleading case for their clients. Keeping in view that the petitioner’s counsel was not in proper uniform, this matter is adjourned. List this case again on 5th May, 2020.”

The court’s order copy was shared on the micro-blogging website Twitter by a user.