Thousand of chefs and bakers came together to create the longest cake in Kerala.

A 6.5km cake was prepared along the Ramanilayam road in Thrissur. The unique cake weighed over 20 tonnes. The cake made in Thrissur was 5-inch wide with a height of 5.5inch and was spread across three rows.

The Bakers' Association organised the cake making event as part of the Night Shopping festival.

The main aim of the event was to beat the record of 3,188-metre cake made by Chinese Bakery Association in 2018. 

The chefs of 160 units from across the state participated in the event. The chefs had planned to complete the preparation of the cake within an hour, but it took more than 2.5 hours.  

The chefs wearing traditional whites and toque blanche caps, spent nearly 2 hours to put it together 12,000 kilograms of sugar and flour.

Large crowds watched the event organised by Bakers Association Kerala (BAKE).