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‘Did you descend from Mars?’ Delhi man asks friend after he got Rs 7.66 crore UBER bill! (WATCH)

Delhi man shocked by a ₹7.6 crore Uber bill for a Noida ride, with an additional ₹5.99 crore waiting fee. Despite a ₹75 discount, Deepak Tenguria protested the charge, claiming no waiting time. Social media reacts with humour. Uber India apologizes and promises an investigation, pledging resolution later.

'Did you descend from Mars?' Delhi man asks friend for getting Rs 7.66 crore UBER bill! (WATCH) vkp
First Published Apr 1, 2024, 1:15 PM IST

A Delhi man was left dumbstruck after receiving a jaw-dropping bill from Uber following a ride in Noida. Deepak Tenguria, the commuter in question, had booked an Uber Auto for his journey last Friday. Initially quoted a fare of a mere 62 rupees, he was in for Rs 7,66,83,762, but an additional Rs 5,99,09189 was stapled on as a waiting time fee. Adding a touch of irony to the situation, Deepak noted that despite the exorbitant total, a promotional discount of a mere Rs 75 was deducted from the bill.

Venting his frustration, Deepak argued that he shouldn't have been charged for waiting time, as he didn't keep the driver waiting upon arrival. In the video, his friend can be heard asking him playfully, ‘Did you just descend from Mars’?

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As the story gained momentum on social media, netizens couldn't help but react with amusement to the absurdity of the situation. Uber India was quick to respond, issuing an apology for the inconvenience caused and assuring that they would investigate the matter promptly. In a statement, Uber India expressed regret for the incident and promised to provide updates following their investigation.

Providing clarification on the matter, UBER India has said they will get back with a resolution after some time.

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