Catching your partner cheating on you, seems to be the new viral sensation and airing your grievances on public forums like YouTube and Facebook is the new normal. Previously, a video about the reactions of a penguin catching his mate cheating became the recipient of millions of views on social media. Now, a distraught man narrating  how his wife cheated on him is now the new penguin video. He got evidence to nail the wife's affair by having a drone follow her. 





Misery loves an audience! The man caught his wife of 18 years being unfaithful to him with the help of a drone footage. That footage, he uploaded on YouTube and now the video has gathered more than 7 million views and counting. 



The husband announced to the world how he had had his doubts all along and had often tried to catch her red-handed but he was unsuccessful. After trying out other means, he used the drone and it gave him results that shocked him. The man, after gaining popularity with his stunt has said that he would be filing for divorce. The couple have two teenage sons. Meanwhile, his wife has weakly attempted to say that her relationship with the other man has been only restricted to hugging and kissing. Like, we expect the husband to buy that! Would you?