A 48-year-old Indian man named Jagannathan Selvaraj, residing in the outskirts of Dubai, walked 1,000 km for justice. Well one might think it to be outrageously cruel but this is the hard truth of this man’s life. He had to appear in the Dubai Court for proceedings so that he can come back to his home town, Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu.


Every morning, Selvaraj used to wake up at 4 am in the morning and walk 22 km one way to reach the city of Dubai for labour court proceedings. That way he used to cover close to 50 km a day and he had to attend the court proceedings every 15 days. The case ran for almost two years and finally as the verdict has come in his favour, all he needs now is a ticket to fly back home.


Selvaraj recollected his woes of walking every 15 days to the Dubai Court for labour proceedings. It is obvious that he did not have money to even take a bus or a metro ride every time he had to come to the city.


Earlier, he was even disallowed to come back home to attend his mother’s funeral in Tiruchirapalli.


For these court proceedings, Selvaraj probably walked at least 20 times. Finally, he is tired and just wants to come back home from Dubai.