Donald Trump's wife Melania, delivered a stirring speech at the first night of the Republican National Convention which may have earned her respect but her aura was soon busted by an attentive journalist, who had heard these mellifluous words before from none other than Michelle Obama, the first lady and wife of Donald Trump’s arch enemy President Barrack Obama.


Melania who is the aspiring first lady, is a Solvenian born former model. After her potentially breakthough moment, her words at the Convention came under scrutiny after it was brought to notice that an entire paragraph of her speech was lifted from Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 Democratic convention.


Vox created a hilarious mash up, which shows glaring similarities between both the speeches



Minutes after the speech, journalist Jarrett Hill tweeted about the similarities that both the speeches had, leaving us wonder if they both had the same speech writers.


However, in an interview to NBC, Melania said “I wrote it..with a little help as possible.”