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World Diabetes Day 2022: Debunking common myths around the disease

Diabetes has become a common disease that not only has gripped middle-aged and elderly, but also young people and kids. Each year, November 14 is observed as World Diabetes Days to raise awareness regarding the disease. On the occasion, here are debunking some common myths that people might assume to be true.

World Diabetes Day 2022: Debunking common myths around the disease drb
First Published Nov 14, 2022, 2:53 PM IST

The risk of diabetes has been seen increasing rapidly in the last decade. The disease has gripped not only people over the age of 40 but also children. According to doctors, diabetes may lead to several complications in one’s health, and thus, one should take preventive measures to keep it at bay. Risk factors such as genetics, diet, and lifestyle disturbances can lead to diabetes, which is why it is important to pay attention to these factors so that serious health problem(s) can be prevented.

While cases of diabetes are increasing globally, awareness programmes are frequently held to aware people of the disease. However, there continue to be several myths that people often assume to be true about diabetes.

Myth 1: Diabetes is only genetic:

Many people believe that if no one in their family has diabetes, they are not at risk of being diagnosed with it. While diabetes, in most cases, is genetic, it does not mean that a person with no diabetes background in his/her family would not be diagnosed with it. Conditions such as lifestyle and dietary disturbances, physical inactivity, and obesity can put a person at risk of diabetes.

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Myth 2: Avoid rice and potato: 

Many people assume that food that is high in carbohydrates, such as rice and potato, should be avoided if a person has been diagnosed with diabetes. However, as per doctors, one should not completely avoid carbohydrates, as it is essential for providing energy to the body. What one needs to remember is to take a moderate intake of carbohydrates; low-carb diets can be beneficial for diabetic patients.

Myth 3: If sugar is in control, diabetes medicines are not required: 

When the sugar levels are in control, most diabetic patients often make this mistake -- they stop taking medicine or insulin, without consulting the doctor. This could be very serious and harmful to one’s health, and can also turn fatal in some cases.

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Myth 4: It is a problem of metabolism and blood:

Surely, diabetes is a problem caused by disturbances in metabolism, in which the amount of sugar in the blood increases significantly. But it also increases the problems of many other body parts such as the eyes, kidneys,s and liver. Persistent uncontrolled blood sugar levels can also lead to serious health problems such as diabetic ketoacidosis and diabetic foot, which is very important to prevent.

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