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iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Who won the drop test? (WATCH)

The iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra were subjected to a drop test. The tests were conducted using machines in a controlled manner. The iPhone 15 Pro Max and Galaxy S23 Ultra are dropped from the same distances and onto the same materials.

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Who won the drop test WATCH gcw
First Published Oct 3, 2023, 1:18 PM IST

Despite having a titanium body this year, the new iPhone 15 Pro has been the subject of several user-related problems, including overheating, slow startup times, and even durability. The infamous JerryRigEverything durability test failed the iPhone 15 Pro Max for the first time in almost ten years, and now it's time for the drop test. This time, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will face off against the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Check out the results.

The new drop test is provided by PhoneBuff, who conducts the test in a controlled way with the use of equipment.  The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max are both dropped from the same height onto the same surfaces in drop testing. Four rounds of drops were performed on the two flagships, including a background, corner drop, face drop, and a bonus round where it fell against steel.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra suffered less damage than the iPhone 15 Pro Max in three of the four rounds, despite the results being quite close. The iPhone 15 Pro Max received 37 marks, compared to 39 for the Samsung flagship. At least in terms of build quality this year, Samsung looks to be ahead of the iPhones.

The back and front glass of the iPhone 15 Pro Max fractured at initial impact, however the titanium frame withstood the corner drop better than the S23 Ultra's aluminium chassis.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max was completely functional, including the camera, despite having both the back and front glass smashed, but so was the Samsung flagship. Compared to earlier iPhone models with steel frames, the titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max sustained greater damage.

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