Do not dare not to crack a vulgar joke with AR Rahman or flirt with him as he does not entertain it. Testimony to this, he once said on Kapil Sharma's comedy show, 'no touching' when Lucchi (Ali Asgar) tried to come close to him.

Ali Asgar dressed in women's clothing usually flirts with guests as per the script but at times he also plants kisses on the cheeks of male guests. Apparently, this did not go well with Mozart of Madras as he did not appreciate the guesture.

As the show progressed, Ali tried cozying up with Rahman, but the Oscar-winning music composer maintained an arm length distance with him.

Rahman is a devout Muslim who believes in Sufia and adheres to strict principles and teachings of Prophet Muhammed and respects women. 

In the same episode, he can be seen embracing singer Sughanda Mishra as she fell on his feet, he lifted her up hugged and blessed as sending a message he sees Mishra like his daughter.