Kindness begets kindness and Venugopal is well aware of it. The singer expressed her deep appreciation for Baba, an auto driver for helping her out during a moment of crisis.


It all started when Venugopal was on her way for a visa interview in Hyderabad. The singer realised that she had needed Rs 5,000 in cash but only had Rs 2,000 with her. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find the remaining money in the 10-15 ATMs that she stopped at.


The singer even offered to swipe her card in many stores in return for the remaining sum. However, she was met with a cold shoulder. That’s when Baba decided to step in.


The auto driver sensed her helplessness and lent her Rs 3,000. In her Facebook post that’s now gone viral, Venugopal said Baba asked her to use his money and return it to the hotel later.


“He selflessly helped a total stranger. I was moved. Yes, God manifests in the most strangest and beautiful ways. A new life lesson learnt everyday! I am honoured to find a friend in you, Baba. Thank you for reminding me that humanity is the greatest religion of all,” she said.