Mollywood superstar Mohanlal has fans all over the world. Whenever Mohanlal is spotted in public, his fans gather in a large number and their dream to get a selfie with the megastar comes alive. 

Mohanlal always makes sure that his fans are happy. He never discourages them, instead he gels well and at least allows them the moment to have a selfie with him. One such selfie video with his fans is going viral on social media.

After the show in Australia, Mohanlal was returning to his hometown. In the airport, one of his fans went near him to get a selfie. But his co-workers asked him to stay away from the star. But the fan didn't give up, and she tried ones again to get a selfie with him. 

Mohanlal was watching this act, intervened and took a photo with her. Once again Mohanlal showed his humanity.