Veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee’s health condition deteriorated again on Sunday (October 25). 

Chatterjee’s physical condition improved last weekend and the octogenarian opened his eyes, responded to verbal commands and even said a few words. His neurological condition deteriorated after which the actor was once again given immunoglobulin and steroids. 

The veteran actor underwent an MRI test last week. The reports showed no structural abnormalities.

Doctors said on Sunday (October 25) evening, “Soumitra Chatterjee’s neurological condition deteriorated further since Saturday (October 24) night although his vital organs were stable. He is not keeping well. His consciousness level, despite all our efforts, is not improving. Rather, we can say it has gone down. Our board of neurologists is taking a decision on whether his airway should be protected with invasive devices.”

Dr Arindam Kar who is leading the medical team that is treating the actor said, “Soumitra Chatterjee was doing well as far as organ functions are concerned. But now due to prolonged stay in the ICU and all the invasive supports, there could be chances of secondary complications creeping in due to his age and comorbidity factors. Some of these things have begun to happen. His platelet count is little on the lower side. Haemoglobin count has also gone down. His urea level has gone up.”

“Regarding the definite therapy to end the COVID encephalopathy, because of which his condition has not improved, the board of neurologists has also discussed the option of plasmapheresis. Nephrologists are also taking a call. By tomorrow, we will have a discussion with his relatives and take a call on two issues; invasive airway support and plasmapheresis,” he added.

Millions of people in West Bengal have been praying for the speedy recovery of Soumitra Chatterjee.