Bengaluru: March 5 2018 is the day when it was made official that Darshan and Sudeep were no more friends. Darshan took to Twitter to put an end to speculation and said that they were no longer friends.

"Me and Sudeep aren't friends anymore. We are just actors working for Kannada industry. No more speculations please. That's the end of it," said  Darshan's Tweet.

It is said that Darshan was upset when news broke out that Sudeep had said in an interview that he referred Darshan for his first movie Majestic, that became a huge hit. 

In an interview, Sudeep said that the film was first offered to him. “When I was offered the film Majestic, I was unable to accept the film. So I suggested that the filmmaker cast Darshan instead of me, and they did. With this Darshan made a mark in the industry,” Sudeep was quoted as saying.
There were arguments between producers and fans supporting Darshan and Sudeep. The divide has only widened since then and the actors have not been seen together till date. Darshan took offence to Sudeep's statement and said that Sudeep had wrongly taken credit for his efforts. 

Sudeep did not react to the same on social media. Both actors do not speak about each other at any public event.