Actress Priya Varrier's Nestle Munch advertisement has left the producers of the commercial disappointed. The ad has not lived up to their expectations and has now been withdrawn.

Priya, whose winking scene in Oru Adaar Love movie broke the internet in February this year, did not get appreciation from the producers of Nestle Munch TVC. According to them, the actress’ performance was not good in the commercial in six languages.

Due to her winking scene, Priya became an instant hit on social media. She winked again, this time in the advertisement for Nestle Munch. However, it did not create the kind of buzz the producers were expecting.

According to reports, Priya, who was paid Rs 20 lakh for Munch MyT20 TV commercial, needed 35 retakes for the 26-second ad.

Meanwhile, the director and producer of Oru Adaar Love have had differences over the film. The producer had asked to change the script to give Priya and Roshan Abdul Rahoof importance in the film. But director Omar Lulu said it was not Priya but Nooru, another actress, who is the main character.

The film is not even completed 50 per cent but more than Rs 3 crore have been spent.