It would seem that Tamil actor Kamal Hassan is the new favourite target of those who have self-appointed themselves as defenders of Hinduism. This time it is the Hindu Makkal Katchi, and they have taken issue with Hassan's remarks about Draupadi, also known as Panchali, from the Mahabharata. 

About a week ago, during an interview with a channel, Hassan had commented about Draupadi's situation in the Mahabharata, stating that it was not good that men had gambled away a woman. Hassan said it was not good for a lady to become a pawn for men. 

He was referring to the famous gambling scene when the Pandava Yudhisthra placed his four brothers and their common wife Draupadi as a bet in a gambling game against the Kauravas. He lost the game, thus trigging the main events of the epic saga. 

The Hindu Makkal Katchi (Hindu People's Party) took offence to this statement and decided to file a complaint against the remarks. The complaint was originally a police complaint, which was filed in Chennai on March 15. Later the party filed a PIL against the actor in the Tirunelveli district court. 

Among other allegations, the party claimed that Hassan had hurt Hindu sentiments and had risked a riot with his inflammatory comments.